Best Business Bank Account?

A question I get asked all the time!

Personally for me Starling is the best bank I have ever used and I don’t see a world in which I change to something else for my day to day transactions.

Top 7 reasons why:

– The App is the best I’ve ever used
– Instant phone notifications for income and spending
– No pin sentry for any approvals
– All card information in app (even security code)
– Categorise your transactions for your year end accounts
– Online sign up and communication
– Last but not least… it’s FREE!

I have no monetary referral agreement with this bank or any other financial incentive to recommend (I have actually never spoken to anyone at Starling). It is purely my personal opinion and I think banks of this ilk, including tide, are the catalysts for raising the tech standard for high street banks!

Let me know who your favourite business bank is in the comments ⬇️

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